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Joe Obenberger booked to speak to Russian adult professionals, Moscow June, 2016, about US Laws afecting  Adult Websites and Content Production. Obsenity, 2257, Copyright, Child Protection.

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There are those of us who think that personal Liberty is a moral value, too.

In fact, our ancestors chose to put the word "Liberty” on all American coins. They might have chosen “Decency,” “Moral Order,” “Law and Order,” or even “United We Stand”—but they chose Liberty. That decision by our forebearers was made at the start so all generations might remember—every day—that Liberty from the reach of government power is the cornerstone of our American values. The immigrants arriving by ship to New York Harbor did not look up to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Decency; They saw the Statue of Liberty when they sailed into port—and if co-existing with some perceived indecency was the price of breathing their own free air, it was a choice they were generally delighted to make, because the price of freedom is one's tolerance of the freedom that others enjoy.

The winds from the approaching storm portend a struggle broadly between tolerance and intolerance, between freedom and control, between Liberty and repression. The battle we will wage—and win—is not a narrow struggle merely about what is permissible in adult entertainment, but rather about the range of the human soul to freely dream, express, and receive. And in this struggle, we defend not only the adult industry and its customers, but the Liberty and individual rights of the American People to make their own decisions about what they view, read, and hear.

Personal freedom and privacy need no excuse.

As an advocate for clients involved in the adult industry, I know that as I defend them, it will be with both feet planted firmly in the traditions, constitution, laws, and history of a free People. The narrow, fringe, dogmatic zealotry of our opponents will be exposed for what it is. Come what may, we shall together assure that the People who came to these shores in the hope of freedom will remain free.

J. D. Obenberger, Pleasurboating on the River Rubicon, Online Pornography, Opposing Viewpoints, Thomson-Gale, 2007.

For a long time, the princes of online porn have been the dirty street urchins of the digital age, and by God, they think it's time to join Bill Gates and the Google guys in the gilded halls of business. Obenberger may be their most vociferous champion.

Brian Alexander, America Unzipped, In Search of Sex and Satisfaction, Random House, 2008.

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