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We are committed to the passionate and zealous representation of our clients' rights in every area.

We make ourselves immediately available to the established clients we serve - around the clock for any problem or crisis that can't wait. Ask them.

The range of our representation is broad, from copyright and trademark advocacy and obscenity defense to criminal law, contracts, and personal injury. We have espcially concentrated in the representation of adult businesses and their customers  - and controversial speakers - whenever and wherever they have been attacked, harmed, or injured - whether by opponents, infringers, competitors, or by any level of government. Our highest function is to zealously defend our clients in courts of law.

We don't claim to be a "Law Group". We are lawyers who provide creative and cutting edge legal advice and aggressive defense, with around-the-clock availability, personal attention to our clients, and old-fashioned values about passion and zeal in protecting the clients whom we are privileged to serve - in all of our areas of practice.

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Advice, Guidance, and Representation for Adult Online Businesses

  • Strategic Planning for compliance with obscenity statutes, Section 2257, and privacy statutes for web publication. Providing guidance for the creation of content with maximum protectability. Guiding new webmasters, designers, photographers, videographers, and content producers with compliance and the avoidance of unnecessary risks. Helping experienced webmasters and content producers get a better night's sleep by reviewing sites and Section 2257 compliance systems and bringing them into conformity with the law, and teaching them how to do things right.
  • The defense of criminal obscenity charges.
  • The defense of criminal charges based on Section 2257 and handling Section 2257 Inspections.
  • Criminal Defense of producers, photographers, videographers, and publishers charged with violation of federal and state statutes - and intervention during the execution of warrants and Section 2257 inspections. 
  • Defense of these same clients against threats and actions brought by performers and competitors
  • Guidance and representation of producers and webmasters in copyright infringement matters. Registration of copyrights.  Acting as a DMCA Agent on your behalf to take infringement Notices.
  • Registration of trademarks. Guidance and representation of producers and producers in trademark matters. Contests before the USTAB.
  • Planning for compliance with and defense using Section 230 of the CDA.
  • Representation before the Federal Trade Commission and in FTC investigations.
  • Planning for compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act and defense.
  • Planning for compliance with the DMCA, using the DMCA against infringers to obtain takedowns in difficult cases.
  • Disputes with third party payment processors.
  • Guidance and representation in matters of asserted defamation, invasion of privacy, violation of publicity rights, and extortion.

Advice, Guidance, and Representation for Brick and Mortar Businesses

  • Finding legal locations for adult businesses through research and successfully litigating when necessary to get adult businesses up or to continue operating under the Civil Rights Act in the face of unconstitutional restrictions on speech. We are the firm that successfully sued DuPage County in U.S. District Court and had its adult use/sexually oriented business ordinance provisions declared unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds - leading to the first "legal" adult use to operate in that county. Yes, we recovered attorney's fees under the Civil Rights Act. We have significant collective experience in challenging zoning and licensing laws that unfairly restrict adult operators and others in Chicago, Cook County, and elsewhere.
  • Licensing and Zoning. Contending with the regulators. Fighting City Hall. Issues of municipal law. Contesting eminent domain seizures of private property for government purposes. Handling raids brought by police, the Health Department, and the Revenue Department, and rarely, all three at once with a white school bus - with mesh windows - waiting in the alley.
  • The defense of obscenity cases brought against retailers and producers.
  • Guidance to retailers of adult content materials and adult toys and novelties.
  • Defense of charges and allegations brought because of dancing and massage.
  • Disputes with performers. 
  • Advocacy concerning proposed legislation, local and state.
  • The rights of gunowners under the Second Amendment. J. D. Obenberger is a former federally-registered gun dealer.

Criminal Defense

  • General Criminal Defense. This runs the gamut from cases involving the muling of large quantities of drugs at the border in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas (by special admission) and aggravated kidnapping to chop shops, retail theft, drug possession and distribution, the suppression of illegally obtained evidence, including the challenging of search warrants and their execution. 
  • The defense of sexually-related crimes, including men arrested or otherwise charged in sting operations and persons charged with prostitution offenses, felony, misdemeanor, or local municipal tickets.
  • Traffic defense.
  • Representation of witnesses before the Grand Jury and negotiations concerning immunity.
  • Criminal and traffic appeals.
  • The defense of every kind of case involving the misuse of computers and the Internet. 

Injury and Civil Rights

  • Personal injury representation including - but certainly not limited to - gruesome injuries inflicted by vicious Pit Bull and Rotweiler dogs. 
  • Guidance concerning bad faith lawsuits and use of the Illinois Anti-SLAPP statute against political and social activists.
  • Defamation - Libel, slander, and the protection of freedom of speech under the First Amendment.
  • Invasion of the Right of Privacy - the Right of Publicity - The Right of Publication. Unauthorized use of your appearance, image, your voice, your activity, videos that embarass you, without a lawful basis, without your (written) permission in commerce.
  • The mishandling of corpses by funeral directors and others.
  • The representation of political and religious extremists, the protection of their freedom of speech, and their defense from persecution based on unpopular messages contained in their expression. We wish to become more deeply involved in the protection of religious belief. The representation of historically persecuted minorities including but not limited to Gypsies - the Roma people - and Nigerian religious bodies and their members.
  • Aggressive litigation against and negotiation regarding the unlawful seizure and forfeiture of automobiles, money, gold jewelry, computers, personal papers and documents, cell phones, and other property by the FBI, the county sheriff, and local police departments, the recovery of that property, and lawsuits for damages.
  • Strategic Freedom of Information Act Requests and litigation.
  • Representation based on Consumer Fraud, federal and State, and defense of matters brought by the Federal Trade Commission and the Illinois State Attorney General.

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Joe Obenberger is a Chicago Loop lawyer concentrating in the law of free expression and liberty under the United States Constitution, and his firm has represented many owners, employees, and customers of adult websites, content producers,  and other adult-oriented businesses, both online and in the real world. He can be reached in the office at 312 558-6420. His e-mail address is obiwan@xxxlaw.net. 

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